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A CABHA is a Critical Access Behavioral Health Agency that provides multiple services in one or more locations. It can be compared, in some ways, to what the old  area programs used to be. That is where members can go to get an assessment, outpatient treatment, medication management and other services that they may need. It is not for everybody and members do not have to go there for their assessment or outpatient therapy. Members do not need to go there if they are receiving Innovations services. They are not provided by CABHAs. CABHAs are not intended to limit a member's choice of providers, and there are only certain services that are required to be provided by CABHAs - they are: Community Support Team, Day Treatment and Intensive In Home. All other services can be provided outside of the CABHA system.

If you would like to see a list of existing CAHBAs in North Carolina, click on the link below: