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Family Partners Program

Family Partners Program

Navigating the behavioral health system sometimes can be challenging for families who have children in need of services. These families now have Family Partners to help them along the way.  

The Family Partners program started on Dec. 1, 2022. It is a partnership between Sandhills Center and NC Families United, a nonprofit advocacy organization. The program pairs families with Family Partners who have lived experience. That means these Family Partners get services themselves, or they are parents/caregivers of someone who gets services. They understand the challenges families face because many of them have faced these challenges themselves.  

To become Family Partners, these individuals get high-quality training and must earn certification through testing. Family Partners serve as reassuring resources for families. They help them understand how the service delivery system works in terms that are easily understood. They help to explain the jargon and break down clinical language and processes. Most importantly, Family Partners help families voice their concerns and needs throughout the service delivery system. They also help overcome barriers so families can access services.  

Family Partners are an important part of the System of Care (SOC). The SOC brings together networks of community services and supports to meet the challenges that families often face. The SOC understands the importance of family, school and community in allowing each child to reach his or her full potential. The SOC addresses physical, emotional, intellectual, cultural and social needs. Family Partners work with SOC Coordinators, as well as Tailored Care Management Coordinators, when appropriate.

Sandhills Center believes that this team approach helps improve outcomes for children and families.   Family Partners are assigned to counties within the Sandhills Center region. They offer one-one-one, individualized training to meet each family’s unique needs.   Sandhills Center is proud to work with the Family Partners program to promote the physical and emotional well-being of our members and their families. This new approach is part of our commitment to whole-person health as we transition to an NC Medicaid Behavioral Health and Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities Tailored Plan later this year.  

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For information or support, here are the Family Partners in your area: