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Provider Regulations

Provider Regulations

The primary goal of the Provider Network Operations Department is to manage and support a network of culturally-competent providers with expertise in evidence-based best practices.

Cultural Competency Resource Booklet (English)

Cultural Competency Resource Booklet (En Espanol)

Cultural Competency Plan

Sandhills Center's Provider Network is currently closed with the exception of credentialing applications from psychiatrists, hospitals and ICF-MRs, depending upon current access/availability data.

If a service gap is identified in the future, new services/sites/providers are typically added through a Request for Proposal (RFP) process. We announce upcoming RFPs by sending an email to the providers on our email distribution list and by posting the announcement on our website. Proposals are evaluated based on selection criteria published in the RFP document. Criteria include an evaluation of evidence-based services and services that target specialized needs for our members not currently met by network providers. Providers must demonstrate competency, certification and experience in their specialized treatment area.

Provider Recredentialing - Sandhills Center requires participating providers to undergo recredentialing processes once every three years to ensure that the said professional still meets the same criteria that he or she did during preliminary credentialing.

Clinical Practice Guidelines - Sandhills Center has a specific set of guidelines that all participating providers are required to follow. Providers also are responsible for implementing the best clinical and practice guidelines applicable to their particular array of services.