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Training & Events

Each year, Sandhills Center conducts a thorough evaluation of the training needs of providers and staff throughout our service area by seeking input from various committees and community collaboratives. This evaluation process is comprehensive and wide-reaching because we have a long-standing commitment to building a strong network of providers for the communities we serve.

Through the use of targeted training sessions, technical assistance and community education, we are elevating the quality of services being offered through our area. We are ensuring that members are served by well-trained, experienced provider staff that are up to date on the most advanced clinical practices.

A number of training opportunities, workshops and events are available to Sandhills Center's Provider Network. In addition to an annual orientation for providers and a clinical training series throughout the year, we offer online and in-person tools and training sessions to teach providers how to access and send secure emails and how to use the ALPHA MCS billing system.

Additionally, Sandhills Center hosts a variety of regular events such as quarterly Provider Forums in which we listen to feedback and make adjustments to help you serve members. Please refer to the following topics and training pages for specific information, and also visit the training and events calendar to view and register for upcoming opportunities.

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